An amendment to 40 CFR Part 98 was recently put into action requiring new emissions monitoring requirements for several different facilities, including underground coal mines, and industrial landfills. These facilities are now required to report their emissions of greenhouse gases if they fall under specific guidelines. Underground coal mines that are subject to Subpart FF must begin monitoring GHG emissions on January 1, 2011, in accordance with the methods specified in the subpart.


"On June 28, 2010, Administrator Jackson signed two actions related to the Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule published on October 30, 2009: Final Rule: Mandatory Reporting of Greenhouse Gases from Magnesium Production, Underground Coal Mines, Industrial Wastewater Treatment, and Industrial Landfills, finalizes the reporting requirements for these source categories (subparts T, FF, II and TT, respectively). This action also states EPA's final decision not to include ethanol production and food processing as distinct subparts in the Rule, as well as the final decision not to include suppliers of coal in the Rule at this time. With this final rule the Agency has taken action on all outstanding source categories and subparts from the April 2009 proposal for the greenhouse gas reporting program."1


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