The Most Advanced Mercury Monitor Available Today.

The Cemtrex HM-1400 TR Compliance and Process Mercury Monitor offers a Continuous, fully-automated analysis of mercury in stack gas emissions for cement, power, industrial or Superfund sites. The Monitor operates by using a direct extraction to a dry cold vapor atomic absorption and UV photometer. It is the first Hg CEMS to use certified bottled HG0 calibration gas.



  • Compliance monitoring, mercury removal control, stack testing
  • Industrial Boilers
  • Coal fired power generation
  • Waste incinerators (municipal, industrial, hazardous waste, hospital)
  • Sewage sludge incinerators
  • Cement plants (kilns)
  • Thermal treatment plants (soil, hazardous waste and others)
  • Metallurgical plants

Features and Benefits

  • Cabinet design, easy to use, simple exchange of components, easy access
  • EPA protocols for compliance/calibration
  • Automatic calibration (certified HG0 calibration gas bottle
  • Mercury speciation (optional)
  • Dual range capability (optional)
  • M & C Dilution Probe (optional)
  • Robust to chemical interferences
  • Optional 500 Ohm measuring output
  • Control module interface via MODBUS, TCP/IP
  • Switchable ranges



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