Cemtrex provides complete integrated analyzer systems and all related services from initial engineering through manufacturing, testing and field start-up. Analyzer Systems are normally supplied and installed in special Analyzer Houses including air conditioning, power distribution, lighting, termination and junction boxes, gas and flame detection, relevant piping and wiring.

Process sample probes and sample transport lines are designed to ensure representative and rapid sampling, avoiding   possibility of contamination or dead volume. Sample Conditioning systems provide the sample in a state and condition compatible to the measurement technique used by analyzers. Sample recovery systems, stream selection facilities, telephone modem connections, furniture, special equipment and tools, etc.


Beacon 3000 Process NIR Analyzer
The Beacon 3000 is an inline, multi-channel process analyzer system ideal for monitoring petroleum, chemical and petrochemical products.The Beacon 3000 measures the absorption spectrum in the near infrared (NIR) fast and accurately without labor and material waste.

MOD-8000 Process NMR Analyzer
The MOD-8000 online process analyzer is designed to analyze the composition of process fluids. Using Magnetic Resonance (MR) spectroscopic techniques, it can detect the presence and the concentration of chemical constituents in a process stream.

MOD-4100 Crude Oil Analyzer
The MOD-4100 online process analyzer is designed for crude oil online analysis by determination of crude density, concentration of salt, hydrogen sulfide and water. The analyzer comes installed in an outdoor stainless steel enclosure and equipped with an integral sample conditioning system.


BACOLF Color Analyzer for Liquid Fuels
The BACOLF offers online, accurate measurements of background color and dye/marker in jet fuels or diesel fuels. The instrument is based on a UV-visible spectroscopy that provides high wavelength resolution.

BA-DO2 Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer
The BA-DO2 is designed for the measurement of dissolved oxygen in water, with low oxygen content (in the order of parts per billion). The main application is for water treatment facilities in the petrochemical field.


BAH2SW H2S in Water Analyzer
The BAH2SW is an unsurpassed, high quality H2S in Water measurement system required in today's optimized and cost-driven petroleum marketplace. The system is customized for process conditions, ensuring continuous measurement.

BA-H2SIC Online H2S in Crude Analyzer
The BA-H2SIC is an online analyzer for continuous, reliable and accurate measurement of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) in crude oil. The analysis of the gaseous phase is accomplished by ultraviolet spectrophotometry or by gas chromatograph.


BA-OW Oil in Water Analyzer
The BA-OW is a continuous online oil in water analyzer with the accuracy of PPM (parts per million). It is based on quantitative spectroscopical techniques which allows for fast response, high accuracy and easy configuration. The BA-OW integrates a high resolution spectroscope operating in the visible/ultraviolet spectrum.

BA-PH pH & Redox in Liquids Analyzer
The BA-PH analyzer is designed for the measurement of pH in liquids, typically drinking water, aquaculture systems, rivers, lakes, wastewater and industrial process liquids. The instrument can be deliverted in a multipurpose package containing an oil-in-water analyzer and an H2S in water concentration analyzer.


BA-SICI Salt in Crude Analyzer
The BA-SICI is an online process analyzer for continuous, reliable and accurate measurement of the concentration of salt in crude oil. The measurement principle is based upon high frequency electromagnetic signal absorption and frequency shifts by the liquid (oil + water + salt).

BA-SLFIC Sulfur in Crude Analyzer
The BA-SLFIC is an online analyzer for continuous, reliable and accurate measurement of the concentration of sulfur in crude oil. The BA-SLFIC is an ultraviolet spectroscopy analyzer that measures the sulfur dioxide (SO2) levels in the fluid with great precision. It is suited for ultra-low sulfur concentration monitoring.


BA-VSC Online Process Viscometer
The BA-VSC is an online process viscometer for continuous, reliable and accurate measurements. The BA-VSC is able to measure, display, remotely transmit, and archive the following quantities: viscosity, temperature, temperature compensated viscosity, and density.

BTX Aromatics in Solvents Analyzer
The BTX is a real time process analyzer ideal for measuring the presence of aromatics (in parts per million) within hydrocarbon solvents. It uses ultraviolet/visible spectrophotometry for achieving very accurate results. The BTX analyzer provides for the real time measurements of Benzene, Toluene and Xylene (heavy aromatics) in hydrocarbon solvents.


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