Cemtrex: CES Sweetheart

Alassane Soumare | January 25, 2019

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) wrapped up again a few weeks ago and just how the various fashion weeks around the world steer the course for their respective industry, CES has set the tech trends for the upcoming year and beyond. From autonomous vehicles and connected devices to familiar staples, such computers and televisions (albeit with beefier specs), all the juggernauts and newcomers of the industry showed up with their best feet forward on the world’s stage.

Floating in a sea of amazing companies exhibiting even more amazing tech, not only did we have to present an incredible product, but also create an unforgettable experience worthy of the priceless entity, which, is word of mouth.

Amazing products: CHECK

Unforgettable experience: CHECK

Both the SmartDesk and our virtual reality (VR) experiences aren’t done any justice simply being described but rather need to be demonstrated. For this very reason there were a total of 5 devices peppered around the booth and one in the private conference room along with a centralized Cemtrex VR zone. This provided plenty of opportunities for conference attendees to get hands-on experiences with our offerings.

An interactive booth is nothing without people to interact with it so getting people to visit was of monumental importance. Fortunately, between the informational and charismatic MC attracting conference-goers over the blaring speakers and the resident DJ/Producer, Rodney Hazard creating melodic arrangements out of thin air, there was plenty of incentive to stop by the Cemtrex neck of the woods.

The device received a very welcome amount of positive attention from tech media giants such as, PCMag, Mashable, The Verge, Entrepreneur, MacRumors, Yahoo Finance, Flipboard, Wired, How-To-Geek, TechRepublic and various other international press groups. In between meetings with some of the globe’s most influential brands and extensive national news station coverage, the device landed on a handful of “Best of CES” lists cementing it as a huge topic of conversation.

The SmartDesk has the added benefit of being quite the interesting looking device and once in front of it, the ‘cool’ factor alone was enough to entertain inquiring minds. Loaded up with the brilliantly addictive ‘Quazar’ game, visitors were introduced to the touchless S.T.A.R.K. gesture system in a fun and unintimidating way. With arms waving wildly over the desk, high scores racking up, and nearby spectators rooting on the sidelines, eyes glued to the screens, the environment was light, fun, and perfect enough to dive into the rest of the ground-breaking features set of the device.

Having crowds gathered around in awe of the SmartDesks ascending and descending at the touch of a button, being manipulated by touch and touchless gestures, and wirelessly charging compatible mobile phones, it was clear that the device was formidable blip on the tech radar. Against an original soundtrack created exclusively on the SmartDesk by Rodney Hazard, the VR section was also unsurprisingly popular, being frequented by men, women, the young and more seasoned, all to get a glimpse into the future of gaming, socializing, work and overall productivity.

Passers-by couldn’t help but to be intrigued and stop to ask questions and experience the virtual world we’d created, for themselves, eventually leaving in awe and a newfound glee. The Cemtrex buzz had been established and it was evident by the waves upon waves of visitors frequenting the booth around the clock.

CES was an absolute whirlwind of excitement and the perfect platform to further familiarize tech enthusiasts and casual fans alike with Cemtrex and its revolutionary products and services. The pressure is on for CES 2020, but if 2019 was any indication of what’s to come, eyes will be firmly fixed on Cemtrex.