How the Lack of Technological Innovation in the Office Is Holding People Back

Ronald Monte | June 27, 2018

Areas in need of improvement exist in every workplace without exception. It’s a bold statement, but who could argue? True perfection is either impossible or temporary, which means better is either attainable or right around the corner. 

But it’s a big mistake to put that concept solely on the workforce. Given the remarkable tools innovation has produced, most of which was designed specifically to enhance productivity and/or efficiency, major improvements could be as simple as a major upgrade. 

Yes, “major.” It’s an intimidating word, but think of the difference between the iPhone 6 and the newest iPhone. Major upgrade? Inarguably. But thanks to how integrated with technology every facet of our society has become, “major” doesn’t mean dipping below the black. 

Here are a few reasons how your office’s productivity and efficiency are holding your company back, but first… 

The Difference Between Productivity and Efficiency

You’ll see a lot of articles arguing that efficiency is more important than productivity. Maybe that’s true, but they’re both too important for one to be put on the backburner. 

And the best innovation addresses both. 

Productivity is how much a person is able to do. In the context of a modern office, productivity is how little time is being spent waiting around, or doing something in order to do something else (like plugging something in and turning it on, as an easy example.) Basically, the fewer things that are standing in your way, the more productive your environment. And taking that a step further, the more that’s helping to facilitate your end goal, the more productive the space. If it’s twice as fast, it finishes in half the time, right? 

But of course, going 140 mph instead of 70 might be more productive, but what difference does it make if you crash? You have to get there. 

That’s where efficiency comes into play. It’s just productivity performed at a high level. More productive means you’re getting the task done sooner. If that task is consistently done as well (or better) in the shorter timeframe, it’s more efficient. 

Technology That Doesn’t Do Its Job

In a dream world, office technology would face the same level of performance scrutiny as the humans they’re programmed to bolster. Despite this not being the case, all technology must be retired and replaced by something new and better at a certain point. But seeing as Moore’s law has remained pretty much true—which basically states that technology gets twice as powerful every year or two—the fact that every office could be upgraded is true…and illogical to keep up with. 

This is why it’s important to figure out what specific aspects of the technology is holding you back. And whether it’s a performance problem, an efficiency problem, or both, the widespread refusal to upgrade business equipment across industries makes this an intuitive assumption: you can spot plenty of the whats from your office chair. 

So let’s talk about the whys. 

Clutter is Entangling

The further we get into the future, the fewer cords we see. Different technologies have combined into one in order to offer multiple features that once required separate hardware or software. Every day, people are inventing new and exciting ways to give themselves more space. And frankly, three cords are two too many. 

So what innovations are out there that eliminate cords? Hardware that combines more than one piece of equipment? Software that showcases all the features that you’d otherwise need to open two or three alternative platforms to access? The answers to these questions lead to huge strides in both productivity and efficiency. 

Performance is Huge

The biggest pushback when it comes to introducing your office to innovation is going to be—because it always is—cost. And that’s understandable. Not only is replacing anything at an office-wide level expensive, it can always feel like waiting a bit longer is the better move – something with a higher performance is just going to come out in a few months for the same price. 

But when is the right time? 

Consider the difference between a preemptive upgrade and an upgrade out of absolute necessity. An upgrade performed in advance means avoiding the office being undeniably outdated, which means that one person’s assertion can prevent a collective outcry. Your office would feel, look, and function at a higher level, and recognizing the need for innovation a year in advance keeps you a step ahead of the workplaces that wait until they’re being left behind. 

Capabilities are Game-Changing

Being able to switch from a mouse to a keyboard to a touchscreen and back can push workflow to unprecedented heights no matter your job title. Whether a Creative Director, Lead Salesperson, or Head of Accounting, your field is going to benefit from the fluidity. And we can unlock our smartphone now just by looking at it – but what if our tech was so integrated, you didn’t even have to look at your phone, the data from there popping up on whatever screen you’d like? 

Isn’t it interesting how capability issues sound like clutter issues, which sound like performance issues? It’s because, like with efficiency and productivity, these things are rarely mutually exclusive. In the not so distant future (it can be in your office tomorrow, in fact), this fully-integrated technology exists, wherein everything is combined and gesture controlled. 

So it’s not so much that your office is waiting for the future, the future of your office is waiting for you. 

Is Your Office Innovating?

With the Cemtrex Smartdesk, all of your technology is integrated, and you don’t have incompatibility issues. Everything you need is at arm’s reach without cords getting in the way. And the perfect combination of both touch and touchless control means you can get every task done your way. There’s even a built-in scanner. 

Best of all, there’s only one wire to power it all. 

From small improvements to total overhauls, it’s a certainty that your office could incorporate innovation to eliminate areas that hold us back. You could look at it as time saved, as eliminating time wasted, or even as a morale booster. But getting out ahead isn’t just for marketing and sales strategy, it’s for the marketers and the salespeople too. It’s for the accountants, the H.R. folks, the management, and beyond. 

Because in most industries, people can only be as good as what they’re working with. 

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