Tangled Wires are Dangerous, Messy, and Killing Your Productivity

Ronald Monte | September 13, 2018

A typical employee workstation has a minimum of at least six wired devices. This means the employee has over twenty meters of exposed cabling around their workstation. In this article, we will discuss why messy and tangled wires are actually harming, killing, and halting the overall workplace productivity.

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Top 10 Technology Trends Shaping the Digital Workplace in 2018

Ronald Monte | September 6, 2018

The office of tomorrow and even the way employees interact has been completely changed by trends caused by technology. In this article, we’ll look at the top 10 trends that are shaping the digital marketplace in 2018.

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How Clutter Destroys Productivity (And Why It’s Probably Your Desk’s Fault)

Ronald Monte | August 30, 2018

"I'm not feeling productive today, and I don't know why." We've all thought those words. However, perhaps the answer has been (literally) under our noses the whole time: our workspaces.

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10 Reasons Why Windows 10 is Better (for Business) than macOS High Sierra

Ronald Monte | August 23, 2018

In the never-ending battle for digital supremacy, Microsoft’s Windows 10 has been making significant strides over Apple's macOS High Sierra for business. In this post, we’ll examine ten reasons why Windows 10 is better than macOS High Sierra for business applications.

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Is Your Productivity Being Halted by These Common Workspace Problems?

Ronald Monte | August 16, 2018

Our office cultures have evolved significantly over the past decade but the spaces in which we work have not. Clunky and cluttered workspaces that do not promote creativity and technologies that are incompatible with each other are just a couple of the problems that these old-school offices endure.

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Why Docking Stations Are Becoming a Thing of the Past

Ronald Monte | August 9, 2018

The Age of Docks is coming to a close, and there are good reasons why that's a great thing. Even if your office installed docks specifically for your laptop and industry, the technology itself is outdated.

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Why Has Tech Evolved in Our Homes, Cars and Pockets – But Not in The Workplace?

Ronald Monte | August 2, 2018

Oddly, as the rate of innovation in computing technology continues to accelerate, the average age of workplace desktops is increasing, a trend that is expected to continue. So what’s causing this disconnect between innovation and workplace technology?

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If You’re Only Working on a Laptop, Your Productivity is Suffering

Ronald Monte | July 26, 2018

We understand that laptops are important to enterprise operations as they allow for mobility and independence. But there are definitely some drawbacks, and it inevitably brings up this question: is staring at the laptop or mobile screen affecting work productivity?

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If the Home Is Smarter Than Ever, Does That Mean Your Office Is Dumber Than Ever?

Ronald Monte | July 19, 2018

The smarter these homes become and the better we get at using technology to help us relax, the dumber our offices feel. A Smart Office identifies stressors you didn't even know existed by eliminating wait times, extra steps, or distracting moments that old technology had yet to address.

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Office Technology Pain Points and What You Can Do About Them

Ronald Monte | July 12, 2018

Organization is a key factor in your professional success. The workspace needs to be an ideal one as it helps maintain focus, promotes innovation and improves overall performance in the work environment.

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