How Virtual & Augmented Reality Will Revolutionize Real Estate

Ronald Monte | April 5, 2018

Real estate is an industry that has been prime for disruption for a long time. The implementation of mixed realities technology (like virtual and augmented reality) in real estate will fundamentally change the way people buy homes.

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VR and the Auto Industry: Where Detroit Meets Silicon Valley

Ronald Monte | March 29, 2018

The advent of VR is a brilliant technological breakthrough that’s falling into Detroit’s lap. Here’s a look at three areas – showrooming & sales, testing software, and infotainment & navigation – where VR’s impact is already being seen.

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Poised for Transformation: Smart Banking Meets Financial Technology

Ronald Monte | March 22, 2018

The arrival of new players such as FinTechs, and the spread of technology, continues to interrupt the retail banking industry. Banks are now investing in technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Digital IDs, and Blockchain.

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How the Internet of Things is Quietly Disrupting Education

Ronald Monte | March 14, 2018

Although traditionally education is slow to adopt new technologies, IoT is quietly making its way into classrooms. IoT promises to bring efficiency to notorious school inefficiencies, streamlining the educational process and potentially reducing costs for educators.

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The Explosion of the Smart Office

Ronald Monte | March 8, 2018

The Internet of Things is taking the world by storm. It is becoming clear that the trend will impact every organization to some extent. One of the ways is through the “smart office.”

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4 Ways VR Will Disrupt the Healthcare Industry

Ronald Monte | March 1, 2018

It’s often said that healthcare is decades behind the rest of the business world because of the piles of regulatory red tape faced by the industry. Thanks to new technological developments and a startup culture with a hunger for disruption, healthcare may be catching up.

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Advancing the Olympics with High-Tech Wearables

Ronald Monte | February 22, 2018

From the technology that helps them perfect their training, to the suits keeping athletes safe and warm, the 2018 Olympics is being shaped by the incredible wearable tech being used by competitors all over PyeongChang right now. 

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Wearable Technology in the Medical Industry

Ronald Monte | February 15, 2018

2018 is primed to produce exciting growth in medical wearable technology. In the medical field, most wearable technologies focus on improving health, diagnostics, and monitoring. Doctors, hospitals and health insurance companies are quickly adapting to these new diagnostic and preventative instruments.

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How Augmented & Virtual Realities Are Revolutionizing Manufacturing

Jonathan Rudolph | February 2, 2018

The manufacturing sector is undergoing a technological revolution. The advances in augmented and virtual realities will change how the manufacturing industry functions, creating greater efficiency in design, maintenance and quality assurance.

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Tracking the Growth of the IoT Market

Ronald Monte | January 26, 2018

The market for Internet of Things Devices has skyrocketed over the last couple of years, and it shows no sign of slowing down. Explore some key elements enabling continued IoT growth over the next few years.

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