Simply Our Input

Alassane Soumare | December 3, 2018

At the brink of the consumer computer revolution, one thing was certain: computational powerhouses that currently reside in our pockets were not going to be the next electronic fad. In its inception, the keyboard was king, but as central processing units began on their path to becoming exponentially slimmer and smaller, we started to rethink how we interacted with them.

The most common misconception with computers is that they’re intelligent when in reality, they simply rapidly conduct the complex commands we demand from them. Without input devices like the keyboard, we would have no direct interaction with our binary counterparts to orchestrate these commands. As the (computational) brains of the operation continue to develop, so do the input devices.

The mouse was a revolutionary piece of hardware that enabled the rise of the graphical user interface. That revolution did not stop and if you’re reading this, you are part of that revolution.

Fast forward. Meet mixed reality.

The internet made the world a significantly smaller space, so small, in fact, we wanted to experience anything and everything from those on the opposite corners of the globe, from skydiving in Dubai to the plethora of stadiums and arenas we can’t attend. Anything one could possibly imagine, in view at their literal fingertips. Naturally, with that, different hardware sprouted, and with that hardware came novel methods of input. We’ve all seen movies where the tech seemed farfetched, however, at Cemtrex, we have taken those futuristic promises, and made them a present day reality.

Welcome to the SmartDesk.

Welcome to Cemtrex VR.

Our device was designed to usher in a new age in touch and touchless gestures to the unfamiliar and seasoned alike. From our STARK Gesture System, to the motorized desk leveling capabilities, our powerhouse device and virtual experiences are changing the personal computer experience.

We at Cemtrex are at forefront of new technological advances and as ambassadors of innovation we take that title seriously.