Staying Competitive In A Constantly Changing Global Environment

Ronald Monte | January 10, 2018

Across the globe the industrial products and service marketplace, commonly referred to as IP&S, is experiencing a higher-than-average trade growth rate with its particularly strong stock market performance projected to continue occurring overseas and within the United States well into the future. Comprised of the world’s most complex and cutting-edge companies the industrial products and services industry includes some of the most diverse organizations such as gas, chemical, metals, industrial products, and forest paper and packaging. These innovative organizations not only help to shape the future of the world we live in, they have savvy investors who pay close attention to the NASDAQ growingly increasingly aware of the potential returns that investment in one of these companies can bring. As a diversified technology company Cemtrex  Inc. (CETX) is a prime example of an IPS stock that has many analysts excited about its share price and what is soon to happen to the market overall. Noted as a stock pick with a great deal of upside potential Cemtrex Stock is considered a valued investment amongst traders.

The Future Is Promising

With the country’s recent focus on US infrastructure, a renewed growth agenda is placing the advancement and modernization of the nation’s infrastructure as a high-priority on several fronts. With government plans to invest in accelerating industrial technologies in order to create a stronger industrial base, investors are placing their sights on the highly competitive industrial services companies.

As you may know, the processes involved in modern manufacturing and industry often requires the use of chemicals that can disperse toxic or harmful gas fumes, vapors and odors into the workplace and the environment. In order to remain compliant with regulations and to do their part for the health of the planet, many companies rely on the turn-key solutions provided by Cemtrex for any of the industrial contracting services they might require. By utilizing this state-of-the-art technology Cemtrex clients are taking advantage of  available features such as the ability to monitor exhaust being released into the atmosphere from their facilities in order to comply with Environmental Protection Agency and state and local emission regulations on dust, particulate, fumes, acid gases and other regulated pollutants into the atmosphere.

Furthermore the emerging markets industrial forecast is projecting growth for decades, and this is especially true for the industrial filtration market. Estimated to grow from approximately $22.91 billion in 2016 and surpass $30 billion by 2021 this arena will have an essential demand for turn-key environmental solutions, such as those provided by Cemtrex and its subsidiaries. The Asia-Pacific region in particular is poised to experience high growth in this arena, with India alone set to build 1,000 GW of power generating capacity over the next three decades.

In addition, China has already begun to implement a Cap and Trade program for regulating CO2 within six of its largest carbon-emitting industrial sectors, with a particular emphasis on coal-fired power generation. Therefore the universal demand for superior filtration equipment and service is one of the many driving forces behind the predicted growth.

With over 15,000 installations since 1965 and proven solutions the Cemtrex air filtration solutions give clients a competitive advantage for the lowest TCO amongst any competitor. This is just one example as to why analysts are enthusiastic when it comes to Cemtrex news.

Reducing Greenhouse Gases Is A Global Affair

As Big Oil turns its sights on natural gas, there is no doubt that demand will continue to rise. Viewed as a source of energy with fewer emissions, abundance and flexibility, natural gas is a growing segment in many of the world’s largest oil company’s portfolios. In fact, the International Energy Agency expects the demand for global gas to grow by 1.6% a year for at least the next five years, with China accounting for 40% of this growth. This development will undoubtedly benefit Cemtrex who markets a range of crude oil and natural gas analyzers.  Their products provide real time measurement of various properties specific to the refining processes of oil and gas, with properties that can be used to improve the blending and refining processes. The analyzers are sold to refineries and similar facilities to optimize the yield of blended and refined product. It is forecasted that this pivot towards natural gas and other renewables will benefit Cemtrex due in part to the global market for these devices previously estimated to be worth $2.5 Billion in 2014 and now currently projected to surpass $3.0 Billion by 2020.

Cemtrex (NASDAQ; CETX) Positive Outlook and Strong Focus

These are just a few of the many reasons that Cemtrex demonstrates consistent growth both in Revenue and Profitability, which industry insiders consider a very positive aspect when making their fundamental analysis.

It’s an exciting time for companies in the Industrial Products & Services sector. That is why there is a strong focus and positive outlook for diverse company such as Cemtrex that continue to keep its finger on the pulse of tomorrow.

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