Tangled Wires are Dangerous, Messy, and Killing Your Productivity

Jonathan Rudolph | April 11, 2019

There was a period when the office environment had very few electronics that had wires and cables dangling all over the workplace. After all, it was once considered being a big deal getting a copier machine or a computer for the office. That was a time period where office environments had simpler and safer interiors that didn’t hamper worker productivity. People could get around more easily and they didn’t have to worry about plugging in devices or switching them on to perform a simple function. More importantly, these actions can have additional consequences when influencing other devices. After all, individual devices have to marry with other devices in this digital age of ours.

As a result, the use of electrical wired devices in the office environment has grown significantly in recent times. A UK survey found that a typical employee workstation had a minimum of at least six wired devices. This means the employee has over twenty meters of exposed cabling around their workstation. Now, multiply that with all the other employee workstations in the office, while adding the communal areas that also have shared electrical devices with wired cables, and you’ll find the business having a serious health, safety, and productivity problem.

In this article, we will discuss three very important reasons why messy and tangled wires from vast electronic devices are actually harming, killing, and halting the overall workplace productivity.

Human Factors: Trips and Falls 

The first reason is tripping and falling because of wires and cables that are not properly organized and hidden. It’s an increasing problem in modern office environments as it is the number 2 cause of workplace injuries in the U.S. This is important to understand as not every work environment is properly well laid out and managed correctly. If the unsuspecting employee does not pay attention to their surroundings, it could be very dangerous for them.

In fact, a 2014 survey of 1,294 safety professionals revealed that the biggest characteristic that pertain to employees that either trip or fall is a result of everyday errors in judgment that they make on a regular basis. Things like untidy work areas or walking too fast or blindly around the corners are couple examples. As a result, exposed wires and cables can be greatly detrimental to the average employee who doesn’t comprehend the enormous risk they’re taking on a daily basis.

Damaged Cords and Daisy Chaining Dilemma 

Electricity is the key in any modern workplace. However, there are more electrical devices being used than ever. This means there are more wires and plugs that have to be inserted into electrical outlets on a regular basis, which can have a damaging effect to the devices they are connecting. The biggest culprit is the shortage of electrical outlets, which increases the temptation to utilize a well-known method called, daisy chaining. This method is common as it deals with linking extension cords to multiple power strips and wall outlets together in order to connect all the electrical devices.

Daisy chaining is not a great approach to use as it can overload an outlet and lead to at best, a tripped breaker or a blown circuit. The worst-case scenario is it causing an electrical fire, which is a result of the electricity flowing in the cord to have increased resistance. This enhances the heat of the cord, which increases the risk of a fire hazard. In addition, cords get damaged and it can cause electrical shock incidents due to exposure to the metal wiring from a tear in the protective layering.

Cluttered, Disorganized, and Uncleanly Appearance

When running a business, time is money and image is everything. The look of tangled wires and cables in the workplace are not only visually unappealing for employees and business clients, it is also a negative contributor to business operational productivity as well. Dealing with the vast amount of cords and cables in a tangled manner makes it super hard to differentiate. This makes it more annoying for personnel that have to replace devices and perform routine maintenances, which can slow down other operations.

In addition, wires and cables are major dust collectors that rarely get dusted. This can be problematic as it is not visually appealing to the employee and business client visiting the office. It can also be a health hazard for people that have allergy problems that are left unresolved on a daily basis. As a result, business productivity suffers greatly when it comes to the disorganization, cluttered, and uncleanly appearances that are commonly associated with tangled wires and cables.


This is why the new SmartDesk by Cemtrex offers simple solutions to these vast problems that are caused by the massive entanglement of wires and cables. The SmartDesk alone uses only one wire, which minimizes office clutter and improves organization. It integrates all the workspace necessities that employees need to get the job done all within arm’s reach.

There is no longer a need for multiple devices that come with their own wiring since the Cemtrex SmartDesk offers multiple monitors, integrated phone, wireless charging, built in scanner, sit and stand functionality, higher performance PC, built in keyboard and trackpad, and a revolutionary STARK gesture system. This option is one to consider as it makes work areas cleaner and better organized as well as being much safer and creating a productive-friendly environment.

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