The Explosion of the Smart Office

Ronald Monte | March 8, 2018

The Internet of Things is taking the world by storm and is becoming standard in many aspects of our lives – from how we live to how we work.  In the simplest of terms, the internet of things is the connection between devices that allow them to send and receive data from one another.  

Industries such as manufacturing have already seen a sharp increase in the use of these devices to increase efficiencies within an organization.  But it is becoming clear that the trend will impact every organization to some extent.  One of the ways is through the “smart office.” 

A smart office is the shift towards a digital, intelligent workplace that not only streamlines company procedures but allows the company to collect and analyze data about its workforce.  While a technology-heavy office space in which everything is connected may seem more like a fad than a lasting trend, it seems otherwise.  As the capabilities of this technology expands and it becomes easier to implement, the demand for smart-offices will only increase. 

What’s So Great About a Smart Office?

One of the largest benefits to an organization is the ability to collect and analyze data from within their company.  This will allow companies to optimize efficiencies, notice any deficiencies and optimize both company and workforce potential.  Companies will be able to reduce energy consumption through the use of sensors and automatic controls for things such as heating and cooling, lighting, etc.  They will be able to be alerted when office supplies run low, or when there is a disruption the usual workflow. 

As more devices are connected, there will also be a decrease in the need for manual input.  The benefits of this is that it will reduce human error and increase the time employees can spend on productive activity. 

Another area that will see a change based on the smart office is how meetings are conducted.  As the technology available advances, the growth in video conferencing will be huge.  Currently, most companies have a bulky set up that requires a stationary camera but you may soon start seeing more advance robotic cameras that can allow you to virtually visit factories, clients and other locations easily and quickly. 

The potential for what a smart office will look like and what they will be able to do are endless.  As more companies work towards designing and manufacturing technology that allows businesses to connect in a more streamlined way, there will be a boom in demand for these offices. 

It won’t just be lighting and HVAC systems that can be remotely controlled.  It will also incorporate ways companies communicate within the organization and with the outside world, bringing together offices and individuals located anywhere around the world.  

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