The Future of Virtual Reality Is Only Getting Brighter And Brighter

Alassane Soumare | November 15, 2018

Once upon a time, virtual reality was but a simple, albeit exciting promise of the future. This very promise was a glimpse of experiences we couldn’t necessarily attain easily and thrills we only wished for in our wildest dreams.

Welcome to that future.

An infant being inoculated without the cacophony of tears in a pediatric office in Brazil. Gamers gearing up for a session of Call of Duty with teammates sprawled across the globe, from their respective points of view. Agoraphobics in Australia stepping out and enjoying the ideal views of the Eiffel Tower. These might seem like completely isolated incidences, however, this particular technology has both saved and entertained millions, even in its relative infancy.

We at Cemtrex are whole-heartedly leveraging this crucial technology to create user experiences that will continue to change lives for the better. The digital landscape is ripe with opportunities to excite, educate and create mutual understanding amongst us all. Join us in our vision at Cemtrex VR and brace yourself for the fulfillment of that promise.

Our first public foray into the virtual reality space, Quazar, has been received to mass and critical acclaim, so stay tuned for more groundbreaking developments and experiences coming down the pipeline.