Why Companies with CTI See Immediate Improvements

Ronald Monte | October 22, 2018

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) pipes all your communication systems through one interface, giving you access to phone calls, texts, faxes, and so on without needing to switch from one device to another. By integrating all these lines of communication through a CRM system, business managers are more easily able to optimize client relations in cost-effective, scalable, and intuitive ways, ways that traditional phone systems simply can’t compete with. And whether a multinational corporation or a local brand, it’s a long-term solution worthy of serious consideration.

Switching from Traditional Phone Systems

It is possible to use CTI with traditional telephone lines, but it’s simply not as cost efficient. To truly reap the benefits of CTI, a brand should start by switching to Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VoIP. Instead of paying a separate monthly bill and maintenance costs, the service runs through your existing internet, meaning you’ll be eliminating a regularly incurring cost right off the bat. The VoIP service itself will cost a fee, but it’s almost always significantly cheaper than a traditional phone system, and the price points are far more wide-ranging due to the competition between providers.

How many options for landline providers do you have in your area? When you’re subjected to monopolized price points, there’s not much wiggle room.

Call Anyone from Anywhere

Those moments when you have to stay late at the office because the system isn’t accessible remotely? That doesn’t exist when you switch to VoIP. You’re able to plug in from anywhere, even your mobile device, to get work done on the go, from home, or while on vacation. Further, you can make international calls without accruing a fee, as the VoIP actually makes the call from the country you’re calling rather than from where you’re located. That means local call rates every time you dial a number.

Optimize as You Scale

Your company could grow fivefold without needing to upgrade your CTI. Try saying that about a traditional phone system. Because CTI is cloud-based and VoIP is internet-run, you can add more employees to the same system without installations or even additional investment. This also applies to scaling back, which won’t leave you with excess equipment or wasted installation fees.

Optimize Workflow in One Day

When a business owner has a customer service team familiar with the technology already present, it can be an intimidating prospect to shake things up. While the customers of tomorrow might benefit from something better, there’s a high likelihood of dissatisfaction while your team gets acquainted with the new system. Right?

Not when it comes to CTI.

Instead, integrating all lines of communication through a single and intuitive interface makes employees workflow easier and more intuitive. The system can recognize when an agent is busy with a call and find someone who’s available, leaving them unbothered and focused on the customer. Call transfers to other departments are not only made easier, but internal communication can also be done privately while the customer is on the line. This is full optimization, all from a single device.

Reduce Customer Wait Time

Have you ever called a customer support line, was put on hold, then had to walk the service agent through all of your information? Some companies even have customers provide their information to an automation, only to make them relay that information again once a live person is on the line. It’s frustrating just to imagine, and it’s an issue that’s eliminated with CTI. When your reps come on the line, they have all the customer’s information pulled up and their query ready to be solved.

Why This Really Matters

When it comes to phone support, a customer’s perceived wait time often differs from their actual wait time. That’s due to three key factors: their expectation of how quickly it should take, their level of boredom, and their uncertainty of when exactly they’re going to be helped. And the longer they have to wait, the more those factors get compounded, dramatically increasing perceived wait time. If they’re even slightly annoyed when your agent answers, it’s going to be hard to dig out of that hole and impress them. Now imagine them having to wait even longer as they relay their personal information you should already have pulled up. You might lose their business.

Management? CTI Tools Are a Game-Changer.

With CTI, just the ability for a manager to instantly jump on a call with a customer from anywhere can be huge. But the insights available through CTI systems truly run the gambit, making it easier to identify problem areas and new opportunities for improvement. These real-time analytics and unique data points are always a click away and actively growing, hard numbers that often inspire new customer retention strategies, better service practices, and beyond.

This level of monitoring isn’t just made easier with CTI either – these are insights you simply cannot gain otherwise.

Choosing the Right Interface

Without any exception that I can think of, any screen that’s utilizing CTI is better than having a landline that’s separate from your computer. But when you adopt CTI, you’re making the decision to set your business up for the long-term by optimizing present workflow and garnering valuable data that can help you grow. So while you’re at it, it’s smart to consider the interface itself.

The key consideration here is complementing the benefits of CTI: less clutter, full technological integration, and features that streamline productivity.

Take the Cemtrex SmartDesk as a prime example. A single cord powers an all-in-one machine that’s already optimized for VoIP, with three touchscreen monitors, a built-in scanner, and wireless charging stations that keep clutter to a minimum. It’s also a sit-stand desk, giving your salespeople and service reps the freedom to work at their most comfortable.

But no matter the interface, CTI is a highly cost-efficient way to improve customer service, as well as a simpler way to optimize internal operations and strategize client outreach. Without it, you’re simply behind the businesses who have adopted CTI, because they’re currently using it to their competitive advantage, guaranteed.

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