Why Docking Stations Are Becoming a Thing of the Past

Ronald Monte | August 9, 2018

Every once in a while, you’ll stumble upon a dock that’s actually useful. The right screens, OEM cords, and compatible plugs. The equipment is not only new, but it also complements both your laptop and what you’re planning on getting done.

Just kidding, that’s never happened.

But the problems with relying on a docking station go beyond going to an unfamiliar place. Even if your office installed docks specifically for your laptop and industry, the technology itself is outdated. And that’s true whether you purchased it yesterday or yesteryear.

Cords? Plural?

Two cords are two too many. Yes, we know how ridiculous that sounds. How would a dock not have multiple wires? The very idea of it is to be able to take your laptop with you, after all. You need to plug it into the power source and hook up the monitors (or one monitor, since many of us have laptops with only one HDMI port). Plus, those monitors have cords, and when you add a scanner and other accessories to the mix, the chance of a nest of wires quickly becomes a certainty.

Let’s pretend for a moment that having enough cords to reach the moon and back doesn’t feel like an antiquated necessity. What about plugging and unplugging, connecting and reconnecting, day in and day out? We should be able to sit down (or stay standing) and get going without taming the workspace like it’s a wild stallion.

Hardware Limitations

Another issue is the laptop’s typical level of performance power. They’re transportable, sure, and they do a great job of providing the extra oomph and screen size needed for tasks on the go when your mobile device won’t cut it. However, even a top-tier gaming laptop isn’t going to have the kind of RAM or CPU of a quality desktop computer, which means you’re still sacrificing performance. Unfortunately, it seems that in most modern offices, it’s either outrageously outdated computers or laptop docks these days.

There’s more computer power in the microchip that plays music in those singing birthday cards than all of the Allied Forces in World War II combined. That’s not just a neat fact; it also showcases just how quickly technology can turn obsolete. No one could be reasonably expected to upgrade their laptop every year, nor any company to update all their employees’ desktops every year. But that’s what it would take to stay on the cutting edge.

So it’s fair to say that docking stations do little more than remind us that this is the only option that’s viable. Or is it? (More on that at the end.)

The Cloud Is a Friend of the Future

Cloud storage has more uses beyond being able to store more data than your hard drive allows. It’s also a quick and convenient way to access files no matter where you are or what task needs accomplishing. And if you store everything in the cloud, there’s no reason to take it with you. Instead, simply log in and bring it onto the computer you’re using.

With the cloud, you no longer have to sacrifice performance and productivity just to have your data handy. The cloud makes it possible to have seamless access to your files from your mobile device, laptop, and computer. The only reason it has a reputation for being complex is that explaining how it works is a bit dry for most people.

But make no mistake, taking advantage of cloud storage is incredibly simple, and the healthy amount of companies vying for new users and constant innovation make it more affordable every day. It’s also wireless and cross-compatible, perfect for those with devices from multiple manufacturers.

The All-in-One Solution

The ultimate hyper-modern workstation is one with a single cord, multiple monitors, and the performance and capabilities that successfully mirrors the modern day. No dock can tick every one of those boxes, but the nature of many workplaces make the dock the best choice among the options.

That is, until we created the Cemtrex SmartDesk, an advanced workstation with everything already built in, from wireless phone charging to gesture control, from three fluid monitors to a built-in scanner. It’s all powered by one cord too. (Click the name to discover the rest of the features.)

If you’re not ready for the world’s most advanced fully-integrated workstation, no problem. We hope, however, that we convinced you that the Age of Docks is coming to a close, and that there are good reasons why that’s a great thing.

Cemtrex SmartDesk