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FARMINGDALE, N.Y. , June 26, 2014  — Cemtrex, Inc. (OTC: CTEI) today announced its expansion into wastewater treatment and bioenergy:

About Cemtrex, Inc.

Cemtrex, Inc. (CTEI) is a diversified technology company that provides solutions to meet today’s industrial challenges. The Company operates through three (3) business divisions consisting of: (1) electronic manufacturing services of printed circuit board assemblies, (2) instruments & emission monitors for industrial processes, and (3) industrial air filtration & environmental control systems.

Cemtrex through its wholly owned subsidiary ROB Cemtrex GmbH ( provides electronic manufacturing services, which includes printed circuit board assemblies and completely assembled electronic products. The Company sells a complete line of air filtration and environmental control products through its subsidiary Griffin Filters, LLC ( to a wide variety of industrial and manufacturing industries worldwide. The Company through its Monitoring Instruments and Products (MIP) ( division manufactures sells, and services instruments, software and systems for monitoring emissions of Greenhouse gases, hazardous gases, particulate and other regulated pollutants used in emissions trading globally.

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