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Cemtrex Provides Update on Release of Its WorkbenchXR Mixed Reality (XR) Application

FARMINGDALE, N.Y.– Cemtrex Inc. (Nasdaq: CETXCETXPCETXW), a world leading technology and manufacturing company, provided an update on the release of its upcoming Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR) application, WorkbenchXR.

Cemtrex has added multiple new marquee customers into its Early Access program to test and use the WorkbenchXR tool in their manufacturing environments. These customers range from aerospace, consumer electronics, to industrial manufacturers. The names of these customers were not provided due to confidentiality agreements in place.

Cemtrex’s Workbench tool aims to provide visual overlay and display of assembly instructions in a hands-free and voice-controlled manner during the manufacturing of any complex product. The digital assembly instructions are seen through a heads up display viewable inside that person’s mixed reality glasses. All this will be accomplished while both hands are being utilized for work and without the need for the production worker to refer to nearby drawings for clarifications thus increasing productivity and reducing assembly errors tremendously. This will also replace paper instructions or pdf manuals on tablets which is the current primary method for instruction delivery. WorkbenchXR will also allow advanced features for quality assurance, product assembly tracking, and production line statistics and data intended for both quality assurance managers and production managers.

WorkbenchXR is intended to help assembly workers in manufacturing environments utilize VR and AR headsets as well as connected “smart tools” to assemble products faster, reduce errors, and improve the quality assurance process. The application can be utilized for all manufacturing industries where various parts are being assembled including aerospace, measurement, automotive, machinery, electronics, and many others.

Cemtrex’s Chairman and CEO, Saagar Govil commented, “We are extremely pleased and excited with the current level of Research & Development at the Company to produce our planned VR and AR product line. We are aiming to introduce three distinct products in the next 8 to 12 months, 1) Our VR-first gaming application, Star Force, based off the bestselling novels by B.V. Larson 2) A VR Developer Saas Tool and 3) Our WorkbenchXR application. Due to the many practical applications of WorkbenchXR we anticipate this software tool will be of immense value to any manufacturing operation that seeks to cut costs and get an edge on their competition,” said Saagar Govil, CEO of Cemtrex.

About Cemtrex

Cemtrex, Inc. (CETX) is the manufacturer of the SmartDesk, the world’s most advanced workstation. Cemtrex is a diversified technology company that’s driving innovation in a wide range of sectors, including smart technology, virtual and augmented realities, advanced electronic systems, industrial solutions, and intelligent security systems.

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